Celebrity Contracts Cancelled Due to Controversy

From Madonna to Kate Moss, check it out!
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Closing contracts with big celebrities can be the perfect way for a brand to stand out in the market - whether for good or for bad! Throughout history, we have seen many controversies involving famous people who ended up losing contracts with major brands. Find out who below!


It cannot be denied that the queen of pop has sparked a series of controversies over the years, however, when closing a $ 5 million contract with Pepsi, things went a little further. That's because the partnership between the singer and the brand took place in 1989, the year she released Like a Prayer, a song that was used for the soft drink company's commercial.


The problem with all this is that the clip released by Madonna generated a major conflict with the Catholic Church, for showcasing images like the crosses on fire. There was even an attempt to boycott Pepsi on account of this commercial.

Kate Moss

Like Madonna, Kate Moss is another name that, while having a powerful career, has created great controversies. In 2005, the model lost contracts with names like Burberry, Chanel and H&M when photos of her using cocaine were released.

Helena Bonham Carter

Have you ever imagined a celebrity being the face of a company she doesn't use? Yeah! Helena Carter lost her contract with the beauty brand Yardley London when she announced that she wore no makeup!

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Sharon Stone

Sharon lost her contract with Dior after an interview during the Cannes Film Festival about the earthquake that happened in China in 2008. At the time, Stone said he was not happy with the way the Chinese were treating Tibetans, then, when the tragedy happened, she said: “Is this karma? When you are not nice, bad things happen to you.”


The brand commented on the matter saying it disagrees with Sharon's comments and is very sorry for them.

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