Had the marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ended because of a betrayal?

Rumors that the rapper would be relating to the beauty youtuber Jeffree Star gains strength
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With the rumors growing stronger of a possible divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, a theory about the reason for this separation is standing out. Had the rapper betrayed the businesswoman? According to Tik Toker Ava Louise, that was the question that led the couple to distance themselves. But who would he have related to? Jeffree Star, the beauty youtuber and owner of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand.

In a video Ava says “Now that Kim is finally doing this [divorcing], I can tell the truth that I've been keeping for months” and then she reveals “This divorce is not a surprise, Kanye has been staying with a famous guru of beauty. Many people have known this for a while”.

In the video caption she explains that “I can't say who because he is going to sue me, but it's a part of the reason Kanye is so religious now, that it's his self-hatred. My source is legitimate, I promise”.

Soon people assumed that this beauty guru would be Jeffree Star. But these are not the only evidence that people would have. Jeffree is currently in Wyoming, as is Kanye, which could raise even more suspicions about the situation. He published a photo with the caption “ready for the Sunday Service”, the gospel group led by Kanye. In the song “Bitch, Please!” launched in 2009, he still quotes West.

Twitter users also noticed that Jeffree deleted a post citing the rapper, raising even more suspicions.

But even though the Kardashian family has yet to comment on the matter, Jeffree made a point of denying the story in a new video. According to the beauty star, he woke up and his cell phone was already full of notifications and messages from people asking what he would do about the charges.

Then he explains "I'm single, I'm not sleeping with anyone, this is so stupid". Jeffree then explains that he and Kanye never went out together "this whole thing is really funny". "How did we get to that moment? How could it be invented? Why do we both live in the same state?" questions the guru.

Jeffree Star talks about Kanye

In the video he also quotes the song in which he mentioned Kanye, explaining that he did something very similar to Eminem, "I mentioned about 50 celebrities" and also explains that he is in Wyoming enjoying how peaceful the state is, and explaining that there are new ones businesses being opened in the region. What do you think of this whole story?

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