Influencer dies at age 32 for trying to take dangerous photo

Influencer Sophia Cheung was on a paradise trip when the accident happened
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The dangers that extreme exposure to social media can bring go far beyond likes or negative comments from haters. Some influencers risk their lives for a good photo to post on Instagram. Sophia Cheung suffered a fatal accident while climbing a waterfall in an attempt to take a selfie and show it to her more than 13K followers on Instagram. The influencer was known for her nature adventures and a free lifestyle, always in search of paradisiacal landscapes around the world. The link in her bio sais "Life should be fun, not silly".

Sophie fell from a five-meter drop into the Tsing Dai River in Yuen Long City, China. She traveled with three other friends to the place, and what was supposed to be a fun adventure ended in tragedy for the group. 


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