An interior trend that creates a sense of luxury and conquering the hearts

Although minimalism is not fashion and will remain topical for those who are the lifestyle first, it should lose popularity in the coming years. In 2019, maximalism is increasingly conquering the heart of interior design enthusiasts.
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Maximumism is a complete contrast to minimalism, which uses clean lines, simple furniture, neutral colors. Maximalism - spacious, warm and hospitable, the interior of this style is full of elements, from which it is sometimes blurred. Playing with color, drawings, texture and scale - all this is in line with the idea of maximumism.

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Photo by Charlotte Crosland Interior

The maximalist interior must first be filled with every corner, then the interior can be complemented with bright colors - red, blue, green, golden wallpaper, picture frames and other accessories. Don't forget, this style is not afraid of bold and bright colors.

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Caseys Furniture
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Photo by Divine Savages

Eclecticism and bohemian style are essential in maximum maximization, but it is possible to combine all possible styles in such an interior, so it is perfect for those who do not decide what style of home they want. Ethnographic art, animal fur, Victorian accessories, plant motifs, country style or industrial furniture - all right for everything. The words "not suitable" or "too much" do not exist here.

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Photo by Scot Meacham Wood Home

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