Is Kate Middleton Exhausted of Royal Life?

It all started when Meghan and Harry left the royal family.
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made headlines earlier this year as they stepped down from the royal family and moved to California, something that sparked a wave of public reaction.


According to internal sources, their actions have stirred things up inside the palace as well. In a recent report of the British magazine Tatler, friends of the Duchess of Cambridge claimed that Kate was angry because of the increased workload after the Sussex left the royal family.


"Kate is furious about the increased workload," the magazine wrote. "Of course, she is smiling and dressing appropriately, but she doesn't want that. She feels exhausted and trapped. She is working hard as a CEO, only without the benefits of working hours and vacation limits."



The Palace made a rare statement against the report, claiming it was false. "This story contains a series of inaccuracies and false statements that were not presented to Kensington Palace before publication," the statement said.


Since then, Tatler has responded that "Tatler's editor-in-chief, Richard Dennen, defends Anna Pasternak's reporting and its sources," said the spokesman. "The Palace knew we were organizing the cover and story about Kate months ago, and we asked them to work on it together. The fact that they claim they never knew about the article is categorically false."


Since then, the Palace has begun to take drastic measures, such as suing the magazine - something that the royal family rarely does. However, why the Palace is so concerned with this publication in particular? According to sources of the Vanity Fair magazine, the Royal Family has a problem with the report suggesting that Kate is not happy with her workload, something she is, in reality, "more than happy" with.


"It is the suggestion that she resents her duty and it's the hard work that has upset her," explained the source. "She takes her role very seriously and has been working harder than ever. The idea that she feels trapped and exhausted is simply not the case."




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