Jennifer Lawrance already has the dress and the place of your wedding!

For many months no one has heard of her romance and now, in an interview, she revealed that the wedding preparations are already well under way!
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For many months no one has heard of the relationship between Jennifer Lawrence and art director Cooke Maroey, but recently, as we have said in this article here , finally the Hollywood star decided to open up a little more about the marriage that, it seems , get closer.

This is because when talking about the party, Jennifer seems to imply that "everything was very fast" and has not been having so much time to think. It was for Catt Sadler from E! News host's Naked Podcast she revealed:

"I did not come talking about [my relationship] yet in any kind of interview. I definitely was not in a place where I thought, 'I'm ready to get married!' I just found Cooke and wanted to marry him. We both wanted to marry one another. We wanted to be totally committed. He's my best friend so I want him to join me forever. And fortunately a document for that exists. It is wonderful. You find your favorite person in the world and you feel like "you can not leave". So I wanted to accept his request. "

Already on the plans regarding the ceremony itself, she told: "I've been in a cool place. I'm not being neurotic about it ... I saw a dress I liked and thought, "This is the dress!" I visited a space and felt like "Great, we already have a place!".

The only part where Jen reported being nervous and not so satisfied has to do with the fact that she will not have time to make her "bachelorette party". According to her, "I had never realized I wanted one until ... I realized I could not have it. Which is typical. "

And again, this was another clue that the marriage - which really matters and that we are all anxious for - seems to be really there.

As long as the celebration does not arrive, we can go and guess what kind of bride Jennifer will be through so many times that she has already chosen white for the red carpets.

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