Jo Malone's Horoscope For August

Jo Malone London fragrance house invites you to find out what's waiting for you this month and how to build your confidence. Aroma horoscope for each Zodiac sign will help you prepare for the joys or tribulations of the month.
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Leo: King of the Month

Although you are usually a team player, this month, you will want to conquer the world on your own, and you will probably be reluctant to let others swim in your glory. You may be committed to a variety of activities, but you will certainly not run out of energy to manage everything. 

Be careful on August 22-23: your intuition will guide you through stressful situations and help find the right solutions. To start your morning in an uplifting mood, feel invigorated and energized throughout the day, try the Lime Basil & Mandarin Body & Hand Wash, a refreshing Jo Malone London body wash.

Virgo: Happy Star Time

Good news for Virgos this month: as September approaches, the stars will be in your favour, and you will get whatever you want, feel bolder, more confident, and more focused on your happiness. Start decorating your interior right now and create an environment at home where your different energies can blossom. The Peony & Blush Suede Home Candle scented candles are perfect in the bathroom, the Lavender & Lovage Home Candle relaxing in the bedroom, and Jo Malone London Candle Wood Sage & Sea Salt Home Candle in the living room.

Libra: Dream At Home

The dreamy Libras have been spending too much time at work, surfing Instagram and seeing all the photos of their friends' holidays in exotic countries and on magnificent beaches. However, this month, Libras should take it slow and spend their time relaxing at home. To make it cozier, fill your house with peony or fruity home scents.

Scorpio: A Time of Generosity

By mid-August, your financial planet, Jupiter, will be giving gifts. Make yourself happy with new purchases such as home-scented candles. The mascot of your luck is pomegranate, so a luxurious Pomegranate Noir Deluxe Candle will be perfect for your home.

Sagittarius: Intriguing Dating

This month, a new power will settle on your love planet, Mercury. There will be an intriguing invitation in the middle of the month, probably from a handsome stranger with a distinctive aroma. Don't be scared - unexpected dating can bring pleasant surprises.

Capricorn: Take Risks

In August, the stars invite Capricorns to take risks. Your inner power will be stronger and help you make successful decisions, but to discover new things, you may have to go into obscurity. Say yes more often and try something new, like Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne, a Caribbean-flavored lime, basil, and tangerine fragrance by Jo Malone London.

Aquarius: Take Care of Your Body

August is the perfect time to take care of your body and treat it like a shrine. Eat lots of fruit, exercise more often, and get enough sleep. What else? Don't forget to pamper yourself with bath treatments and massages, and try the Pomegranate Noir Bath Oil, a marvellous shower oil.

Pisces: Fortitude and Peace

Pisces this month will be more peaceful than ever - your face won't show the slightest bit of anxiety or reproach. Ignore all the provocations around you that may hit at the end of the mont. Until then - enjoy the peace of your mind and emotional fortitude, and don't forget to put on a fragrance that embodies these emotions:  the original Earl Gray tea and cucumber fragrance Earl Gray & Cucumber Cologne.

Aries: Watch Out for Traps

Be attentive and don't be fooled by others: somebody you met at the beginning of the month may not be who they seem to be at first glance. This month, be wise and careful about other people's intentions.

Taurus: Listen to Advice

It is no secret that Taurus can be both stubborn until blue and sweet like honey. That is why many are turning to you for advice in times of crisis. It is possible that your emotional support will be much needed at the end of the month, so prepare for lots of questions for advice, and you will be rewarded later.

Gemini: Have a Break From the Routine

Your career planet Neptune is not doing so well this month, so you may feel a bit exhausted at work. Take your time to head outside when the sun is shining, admire the woods, or even escape to another city for the weekend. The beautiful English Oak & Red Currant Home scented candle will calm you down during your day to day life.


Cancer: It's Time to Talk

In August, it will be effortless for you to communicate, so now is the time to tackle some awkward or embarrassing issues and stop accumulating unnecessary emotional baggage. Whether you have debtors, a relationship, or feelings of grief, it is time to speak openly about it, as talking now will help you avoid problems in the future.

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See the opening of the Jo Malone London boutique in Vilnius:

Opening Of The Jo Malone London Boutique

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