The most fashionable color of the year is inspired by Kate Middleton?

Yes, the most fashionable color of the year 2020 is one of the Kate Middleton's favorites.
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As soon as she joined the British royal family, Kate Middleton became a style icon. Her dresses, coats or jackets, shoes and handbags were ripped from stores, whether they cost tens of euros or thousands.

Year after year, Kate's image has become a creative starting point for more than one fashion brand, but for trendsetter. The Duchess of Cambridge popularized espadrilles with a platfrom sole, black or navy blue jeans, suede long boots, chic suits and waistcoats. And now everyone looks at her favorite color palette, and it turned out that Kate's wardrobe is dominated by blue tones. From the romantic azure, the fruity blue of the sky, the vibrant ultramarine to the mysterious navy blue - the stylish Duchess has almost a full palette of blue in her closet.

Middleton's blue combinations caught the attention recently when Pantone announced the 2020 color in early December. Perhaps one of the favorite members of the royal family had really contributed to this color choice?

Pantone color of the year 2020 is a classic blue PANTONE 19-4052. It is a timeless shade and, due to its simplicity and muted tone, exudes dreamy longing and elegance. This color symbolizes wisdom, sustained tone, serenity, harmony and self-control, making classic blue the ideal choice for Kate Middleton's business-style wardrobe.

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