Kate Moss's welfare program

The LifeCo has proven its success in the world with its purification and renewal programs.

Weight loss, weight control, anti-aging and detox programs created by specialists according to the needs of the guests; SPA therapies, fitness programs, far-eastern massages, yoga-meditation sessions, beauty-well-aging therapies and informative trainings on healthy living provide the guest with effective refinement and refreshment during the program. The world-wide success of The LifeCo does not escape the attention of the famous British model Kate Moss, of course. Kate Moss, who, as every year, took the program of purification and regeneration at The LifeCo; this year is also taking a weekly special program at The LifeCo Bodrum, a "well-being" center of those who want to reverse the aging clock and want to re-establish youth energy and keep fit.


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