Margot Robbie reveals how she is keeping mental health during the quarantine

We are going through a difficult time, it cannot be denied. With the world changing and our routines having been reduced to home office, home activities and happy hours via Zoom, it can be difficult to adapt to this new phase. Thus, mental health has never had to be so in focus. Margot Robbie took the opportunity to share her tips, how to maintain mental health during the quarantine.
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In a video for the Child Mind Institute's #WeThriveInside campaign, Robbie shared a simple task she has been doing. "I have lists of things I need to do that day, long term, short term, fun things, non-fun things."

But, how could making lists help? The actress says “it gets out of my head and into the role. And if I don't cross everything off my list that day, I won't stress about it, I just pick up where I left off the next day ”.


According to Margot, “maybe this is not the best solution for you, and everything is fine. But it's worth taking a second to think about the things that help to calm your mind and give yourself time to implement it in your day.”

The actress completes her video with a tip: “And if you need help or resources, go to and be kind to yourself!”



How #WeThriveInside With Actor Margot Robbie

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