Queen Elizabeth II forbids Meghan and Harry from using the "Sussex Royal" brand

Apparently, the royal couple hoped to continue using the existing brand after leaving royalty.
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left their posts as "senior members" of British royalty and, as a result, lost several perks. But now a new blow: they will have to give up their trademark, "Sussex Royal".

Still in June last year, the couple applied for registration for two brands - for 'Sussex Royal' and for the title of their new charity venture, 'Sussex Royal, Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex' - which would serve as basis for philanthropic projects and future business of the couple. However, the Queen has apparently banned the couple from calling themselves "Sussex Royal" as they do not work as part of the Royal Family. The Daily Mail reports that the decision came after extensive negotiations between Harry and Meghan and the Royal Family, about how they will now perform in their independent careers.

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The debate is mainly due to its digital presence: the website is well designed and the @sussexroyal profile on Instagram already has more than 11 million followers. The news channel said that the couple will no longer be able to use the title on their website, social media or charitable foundation. The duke and duchess are believed to have spent up to tens of thousands of pounds on their website, which was built with the help of an American public relations firm. The pair also registered Sussex Royal as a global trademark that would encompass ventures and items, including books, stationery and clothing.

The decision was made by the queen, who, after consultation with senior officials, have concluded that it would not be appropriate for the couple to continue using the word 'royal' in their brand.

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The 'Sussex' original plan - to be royalty but not completely connected to her duties - has always been a utopia. But of course, as the queen made it clear, they are still very beloved members of her family.

Buckingham Palace has yet to issue an official statement, but the Times quoted a royal source as saying: 'While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are moving away as senior members of the Royal Family and will work towards financial independence, speaking' royal 'in that context, needed to be revised. Discussions are still ongoing. But, in any case, the duo is now in a difficult situation, forced to create a new brand for the next ventures.





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