Selena Gomez thinks Instagram is destroying the younger generation

Her social media experience is part of the reason she named her album “Rare”
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During a recent interview, Selena Gomez gave one of her most powerful responses to why she sees Instagram as toxic to young people. Gomez used to be the most followed person on the platform; she is now the fourth most followed person with 167 million followers and the second most followed woman. (Ariana Grande is the first)

Photographer Brianna Capozzi asked, "If you could hit a button today and get rid of Instagram completely, would you?"



Gomez essentially replied yes: "Oh God! I think a lot of people are not going to like me for saying yes. If I could find a balanced and happy medium that would be great, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't destroying part of my generation, their identity. It's a big part of why I named my album Rare - because there is so much pressure to look like everyone else."

Gomez later explained that she protects herself by not reading what is written about her online. "Well, I don't read anything," she said. "This has been kind of difficult, because I was used to read everything."




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