Aiburs ACJ320: sophistication, speed and sustainability

With an interior 3 times larger than ordinary jets, the model has efficiency and less emission of polluting gases.
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The efforts of business aviation to make the jets fly faster and with lower carbon emissions have been successfully achieved in this new Aiburs ACJ320neo.

The aircraft that holds 25 passengers, offers 2 types of engines and presents a 15% improvement in fuel efficiency, decreases CO2 emissions by the same percentage and is much quieter than the previous generation. State-of-the-art engines allow the model to travel up to 13 hours nonstop, longer than it takes to fly from Los Angeles to Moscow or from London to Beijing, for example.

Since the aircraft is the same as Airbus commercial aircraft, the ACJ320neo is wider and taller than a typical business jet. The 3 times larger space gave designers the freedom to create concepts in various styles.

Fully customizable interiors allow the owner to benefit from extensive experience in managing cabin equipment for complete peace of mind. With exclusive products and several inspiring and infinite possibilities in the creation of unique spaces, which offer the best comfort, luxury and security.

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