Trouble In Paradise? Victoria & David Beckham Will Live In Different Countries

David is moving to the United States, but Victoria has decided to stay in the United Kingdom.
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It cannot be denied that Victoria and David Beckham are an inspiring couple. Always united, they always manage to show the world how much they are in love with each other, even after so many years of marriage. However, they are preparing to start another phase in their relationship, one in which each will live in a different country.


According to Closer magazine, David is moving to the United States to lead his team, Inter Miami CF. But, because of the education of her children, Victoria chose to remain in the UK. "The boys are at a crucial moment in school," says a source from the publication. "She doesn't want to interfere in their education."

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David will relocate at the end of the quarantine, however, these changes are making the designer anxious. Addition to the fact that her husband will be far away, she fears for her safety, considering that, in 2018, there were two attempts to break into her mansion in the Cotswolds.


"After discussions with their security team, they decided to implement some military-style measures, insisting that money is not objective when it comes to security," account the source of the publication.

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