What is hidden in rice water?

With positive benefits from hair to skin beauty, rice water is becoming a rising trend in the world of health.

Pilaf is one of the most important dishes especially for Turkish cuisine. Although it may seem easy to do, it actually has certain tricks and requires some practice. Of course it is delicious for many of us, but it is open to debate how healthy it really is. What about the raw material of rice? That's a little different here.

For a while, rice juice has been very popular, especially for skin and hair health. Rice, which has vitamins A, C and E, makes the skin more elastic, moist and fights against acne or eczema problems. For this purpose, you can use it as a tonic after cooling by boiling the rice in hot water.

Rice water, which also has pros for hair health, controls the electrification, makes the hair brighter and helps to grow. If you want to get healthier hair, you can use rice water as the last rinse before leaving the shower.

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