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5 different ways to use lavender

Bringing a light look, the tone can become the perfect point of light to bring harmony to the look.
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Needless to say, fashionistas on duty have already shown themselves to be big fans of the trend, right? Whether for street style-worthy looks, or even glamorous productions for a powerful dinner, lavender can become the new wildcard hue and, we must admit, it has unparalleled charm and charisma. In doubt of how to incorporate it in your looks? Check out!

Lavender and white

Pure lightness! In harmony with white, lavender gains an unparalleled elegance, being an easy and very chic combination from day to day work, even going out for dinners and evening events. The color also adapts well to other scales of white, such as ice, ivory and cream.


Lavender and pastel shades

For looks full of joy, this can be the perfect solution! For being in combination with other light colors, the whole production gains a sunny aesthetic and, still, easy to compose. After all, any pastel tone harmonizes perfectly with lavender, be it cold versions like blue or even hot like yellow.



Bet on other shades of purple

To create productions full of style and attitude, nothing better than incorporating other shades of purple next to lavender. This will make the whole production attractive and bold! But, if you think that it is necessary to create an extravagant look, you are very wrong! Purple can go into details like a purse or shoes.


Lavender and dark tones

The true contrast between the delicate and the intense! Lavender gains a touch of elegance and sobriety in harmony with darker pieces (like black and navy blue), being an easy way to incorporate it into nighttime productions or, simply, a serious look for work.


Lavender accessories

Why not incorporate the hue in your accessories? It can be the perfect option to introduce a little color to the looks, bringing touches of fun and fashionism to the visuals.


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