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5 Dress Trends That Won't Go Out of Style In the Next 10 Years

Buy and use for a long time, without ever getting bored!
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Beyond the basics! We are living in a powerful moment in the fashion industry, in which we are increasingly observing people search of durable pieces that surpass seasonal trends and can become wardrobe favourites for a long time. With this, several dresses are gaining prominence for their usability that make them true timeless icons - at least for the next 10 years!


Easy to use and adapt but with that modern and daring twist, check out these 5 dress trends that will be on the rise for a long time!

Trapeze Dresses

Bringing an elegant silhouette, A-shape silhouette dresses, or trapezoid, are great for sunny days, being largely made with light fabrics that guarantee movement and a playful aesthetic.



Square Necklines

Square necklines are gaining more and more prominence in the wardrobes of fashionistas. This is because, in addition to enhancing the bust, it is a great ally of fresh and romantic looks - being a good option for those who want to wear puff sleeves and maintain the sensuality of the outift.


White Dresses

Relaxed, light, and perfect for any situation! White dresses, or as we say - white little dress -, become the perfect choice for brunches, day trips, or even a cozy summer dinner. A great ally for those who want to escape the classic black looks!



Slip Dresses

Coming straight from the 90s, the slip dress made its big return to the fashion spotlight a few years ago, and, since then, the trend has only gained momentum. A great ally for any situation, from a relaxed lunch to evening events, the dress brings sensuality and movement.



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