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5 stylish alternatives to ugly sneakers

Not for the first season, there is a tendency for massive sports shoes with rough soles, from popular Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Gucci models to more affordable Fila. What to choose for those who do not attract this trend?
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Give up on fashion currents just because they are chosen by others, really shouldn't. The essence of the trends is to offer as much diversity as possible, so that we find everyone who likes and fits the right thing. Even though we see thick sneakers in a few seasons in shop windows and streets of fashion capitals, fashionable models of other types are much more. So if the latter trend isn't for you, take a look at what the stylish world of fashion shoes offers this season.

1. White classic

Time-tested choice, ideal for non-binding spring and summer days. Whatever your minimalist or training style white sports shoes, they will fit everywhere. In addition to the wide bundles and floral or elegant trousers.


2. Knitted sneakers

This type of sports shoes is a smart choice for warm days, because instead of leather, a breathable knit allows the feet to breathe, and does not hurt or rush. Such shoes are especially suitable for workouts, but will also look stylish in summer casual wear.


3. Stars

One of this year's trends is accessories with star motifs. Not only sports shoes, but also evening sandals, high heels or handbags. If you want a fashionable item, why not choose a star instead of the usual white sneakers?


4. Frankenstein

These are sneakers combined from different patterns, colors or material details. Such shoes will give the image play, look original and enliven fashionable monochrome or simple daily combinations.


5. Socks

Sport socks, popular a few years ago, have nowhere disappeared - the most famous fashion houses and sporting goods professionals continue to offer them. What is changing this year? Minimalism is predominantly a one-color thicker sole and monochrome or subtle print. However, holes repeating identical sports socks are gaining popularity. Comfortable, lightweight, emphasizing sport style, unfortunately not suitable for rainy days.


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