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ÀLEA: Conscious Luxury Streetwear

ÀLEA is the streetwear brand created by Vincenzo Lattanzio, Stefano Pugliese and Tatiana Orlova to express the free and nonconformist spirit of contemporary life through a new made in Italy style; refined, casual and essential.
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Alea [aleă], feminine noun [der. of the Latin ālĕa] - dice, dice game and gambling in general; (figuratively) danger, risk, unknown factors, chance.


ÀLEA is the streetwear brand created by Vincenzo Lattanzio, Stefano Pugliese and Tatiana Orlova to express the free and nonconformist spirit of contemporary life through a new made in Italy style; refined, casual and essential.


The debut of the brand, at Paris Fashion Week 2020, represents the first chapter of a narrative focused on sustainability and the use of recycled and eco-compatible materials, capable of combining quality, style and respect for the environment.

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The name ÀLEA, inspired by the character of those who are always ready to take risks, of those who go beyond predefined labels, defying the rules and conventions, embodies the philosophy of the brand: to personify one’s own self-expression and taste, disregarding any form of approval and overexposure that is inherent in the current fashion landscape.


ÀLEA is a 360 ° ethical and aesthetic vision, born from the collaboration between Vincenzo and Stefano, with the decisive contribution of Tatiana Orlova, who joins the two founders to make a trio of different but complementary skills in which every aspect of the project is developed independently.

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Vincenzo dedicates himself to the design of the brand that sees him focus on the research of fabrics from some prominent names of international fashion such as Jil Sander, Giorgio Armani, Prada and Ermenegildo Zegna; Stefano takes care of the management, bringing academic training from Bocconi to the project, a strategic knowledge of the start-up landscape and a personal passion for haute couture; Tatiana manages the commercial part by leveraging the specific sales skills gained at the New Guards Group.

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Style & Inspiration

Based on the principles of identity and simplification, ÀLEA's creative approach evokes the origins of the casual look with an inverse meaning that aligns with the evolution of the times. Starting from the rebels without a cause, represented by the English hooligans who used to wear casual clothes to disperse among the crowd, the luxury casual of ÀLEA presents a current portrait of the new conscious rebel, or the young people who return to streetwear as a thing of worship to reaffirm one's freedom of movement, style and thought.

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ÀLEA dresses those who are able to cross modernity lucidly, without conforming to univocal trends, without overexposing themselves, therefore choosing the path of essentiality and authenticity as a background of personal expression.


In this perspective, streetwear emerges as an extremely powerful and instantaneous communicative genre; a product category with which the brand addresses the new metropolitan protagonists to transmit a set of well-defined values, which in addition to the spirit of belonging and aggregation always focuses on research, experimentation and the re- elaboration of traditional standards in a post- modernist and futuristic key.

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The quality of the fabrics and the manufacturing techniques project the forms, stylistic traits and patterns of the 50s, 80s and 90s in a digital and contemporary dimension. A dimension in which cyber graphics and color stripes become iconic and immediately recognizable elements to break and enhance an equally impacting chromatic rhythm, in balance between nature and an urban context.


The target profile of the brand intersects, in particular, with Millennials and Gen Z: two generations that certainly share a consciousness of environmental aspects even if they are very different in the practical aspect. Narcissists and lovers of the social show-off the first; the latter, pragmatic and reserved (despite being the first true digitally native generation).

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ÀLEA tells the story of a sustainable product that lives on organic fabrics, garments recovered from deadstock and latest generation prints.

The awareness and originality of the brand are therefore revealed not only in terms of a distinctive style but also in the structural objectives of production sustainability, transparency of the supply chain and enhancement of the territory.

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The product was born in the places of the Made in Italy manufacturing tradition, between Puglia, Piedmont and Lombardy. The first collection, entirely made of cotton, ranges from certified organic jersey tops and trousers to stocks, recovered and modified with new graphic patterns. Inkjet prints are made on fabrics with the latest machinery that use only the ink needed to finish the garment, avoiding excess ink leaks.

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Recently, the mission to make their garments more and more eco-compatible has motivated the brand's candidacy for the "Vogue Yoox Challenge - The Future of Responsible Fashion", whose funds could facilitate the complete upcycling of polyurethane and polyacrylic plastic fibers. With the technological support of specialized partners, combined with Vincenzo's knowledge on fabrics, it would be possible for the ÀLEA production chain to recycle 100% of the fibers to be able to offer products made entirely from plastic waste present in the oceans.

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For the ÀLEA team, "true sustainability" can only be obtained by using what already exists in the environment, in the form of waste, giving it a second life and a second opportunity for use. It is no coincidence that the recovery of deadstocks, among the most significant supply channels, is a fundamental resource that in the near future will lead the brand to expand its range of products to include outerwear and knitwear.

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