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Alessandro Michele Unveils the Future of Gucci

In an unexpected announcement on Instagram, the stylist is planning to shake the fashion system with a brand new strategy.
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The surprise announcement was published on the maison's official Instagram account, followed by an explanation why the choice to shake the international fashion system had been made. Once again, Alessandro Michele has made it clear how he sees the future of Gucci.

"It is an act of love towards the whole system. I don't desert and we don't desert, because the conversation is absolutely open. I hope this can be a small glimpse of air that will somehow find other realities," explained the Gucci designer to Stefano Roncato, director of MFFashion, during a web interview with the European newspaper dedicated to the world of fashion and luxury. The designer also turned the spotlight on creativity, the need to change gears and slow down the rhythm of fashion by cutting shows and collections. "I needed oxygen. And this period also represented an opportunity to redesign the work. For us, for me and Marco (Bizzarri) it is like the first day of school," he told MFFashion. "It is not a chat over a cup of tea, it is a certainty. We will no longer do five fashion shows per year, there will be two big events. You have to take the time to do things right." 

Reminding us of Azzedine Alaïa - who believed in representing collections with no expiry - how will this revolution come about? "We cannot simply go on stage when we are ready. We have to have a timing," Alessandro Michele continued. "I love breaking the rules, but they can also be useful. I am absolutely open, I don't want to become an island, I simply want ours to be an overture for a conversation. We are, however, part of a system. This is a dialogue, we are open to communication, but we certainly will not present alone without anyone close to us," explained the designer. "Currently this formula allows adults to run, but not children. While we can think of changing and opening the wings to protect the less strong ones."

The designer has already made the decision about the next fashion month - september: "In September, we will not walk. September is like saying tomorrow. While in July we will come out with a story, Epilogue, it will be the completion of the project for the uncovered and mysterious show in February, and I will close that circle with the people in my office, instead of the models."

A precise and evocative name to underline the end of an era, in July, Gucci will offer pieces chosen from past seasons, underlining how important it is to make the collections live longer in the shops. "It is a challenge to keep the collection hung in the stores for longer, but, with Marco, we agreed once again." Michele concluded by talking about the new e-commerce project - the launch of the gender fluid Mx section on the Gucci website -  "a place for everyone to shop, without any gender distinctions."

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