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Amid the quarantine, Naomi Campbell is broadcasting her exercise routine

As we adapt to a new lifestyle in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, Naomi Campbell remains an incredible example.
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It all started with lessons on extreme sanitation through protective clothing and antibacterial wipes, and now the supermodel is offering motivation to move, inviting her followers to join her exercise sessions with her trainer Joe Holder on Instagram Live daily. "With everything going on, she wanted to keep exercising and had the idea of involving other people, showing the hard work she does every day while creating a space of joy and community," says Holder.

Of course, many of us are curious to learn the secrets behind Campbell's incredibly sculpted legs. And while social distance makes us more static in many ways, it also offers ample opportunity to work out.

Here, Holder teaches a master class on how to get strong, flexible legs in four easy steps.

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1. Start by stretching your legs and give preference to a foam roller to help



2. Increase your heart rate with cardio, alternating between faster and slower paces for at least 10 minutes



3. Activate the glutes with exercises such as elevated side planks on one leg


4. Build more resistance in the muscle with strength training. The tip here is to get some small weight and do squats


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