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At 80, this couple of influencers shows that style has no age

Grandparents also came to Instagram. Wanji and Sho-er, from @wantshowasyoung, post pictures of themselves wearing clothes left in their store, a laundry in Taiwan. And although the account only totals about 20 photos, they still have almost 1 million followers on the platform.
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Did you spend an hour in front of the mirror this morning because you didn't know what to wear? Rest assured, this duo is here to help you on days when you don't know what to use. They know how to transform abandoned vintage items into super cool looks.

Reef, the grandson of this 80-year-old couple, started posting their photos on Instagram, making them instantly famous. He describes his grandparents as "a beautiful couple who has been together for over 60 years". Pencil skirts combined with Converse, a beige dress combined with flashy sunglasses, platform sneakers and waist bags ... here are so many improbable outfits to inspire you and show off your ageless style!




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