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Bags: Inside Out Exhibition

Victoria & Albert Museum shows the journey of bags for centuries with the “Bags: Inside Out Exhibition”.
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Victoria & Albert Museum postponed the exhibition "Bags: Inside Out Exhibition", which was planned to take place in April, until December 12 due to the pandemic. In the exhibition, which was opened last Saturday, designs from the 16th century to the present day, selected from many parts of the world, were brought together. 

In addition to the signature bags of many important names like Margaret Thatcher and Jane Birkin, the journey of 300 specially designed bags over the centuries is revealed. Among the 300 designs there is also an iconic design by Manu Atelier based in Istanbul. The founding partners of the brand, Beste Manastır Bağdatlı and Merve Manastır stated that the design named Pristine in the exhibition is based on a design made by their father, who is a leather craftsman, 20 years ago. 

You can find details about the exhibition and more here.

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