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Beauty Trends: Long Haircuts to Try

Get inspired by the hairstyles of actresses, it-girls, and models!
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Long hair has always been popular among women, but it can be quite hard to make the hairstyle look interesting without shortening it. For inspiration, we can look to the runways and our favourite celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston and Dakota Johnson.


Long haircuts can be quite tricky to manage and get boring soon, and that's why we've collected photos of the most beautiful long hairstyles for you to try!

Jennifer Aniston's Iconic Hairstyle

Kasia Smutniak's Long Scaled Cut

Taylor Swift's Long Hair & Tuft Fringe

Selena Gomez's Section in the Middle

Adriana Lima's Beach Waves

Kendall Jenner's Cool & Disheveled Hairstyle

Zoe Kravitz's Modern Dreads

Dakota Johnson's Fringe

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