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Bella Hadid, Indya Moore, and A$AP Rocky Speak Their Truth for Calvin Klein

The American power brand brought together some of today's most influential celebrities to launch their revamped #MyCalvins campaign.
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Last week, Calvin Klien launched their latest I SPEAK MY TRUTH IN #MYCALVINS campaign that included Billie English and Shawn Mendes. Today the brand launched their second drop, featuring Bella Hadid, Indya Moore, Troye Sivan, A$AP Rocky, Yoo Ah-In, Kendall Jenner and Kevin Abstract. 


The campaign was shot by the renowned Mario Sorrenti and the video series by Jonas Lindstroem. The video series shows the stars reflecting on some of their most intimate moments. Indya Moore is glistening as she lies on her balcony, “I used to tell my friends, I’m ugly before 10 am. And I’d warn them not to look at me.” she whispers. “But Not anymore. I won’t wait to be free. I speak my truth in my Calvins.” Meanwhile A$AP Rocky, shirtless in a room on fire with a bed, reminds us to "Keep that Shit Hot" in his.

Video courtesy of Calvin Klein

You can discover more of the I SPEAK MY TRUTH IN #MYCALVINS campaign here.

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