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Between dreams with Gucci

Dreamlike, the multidisciplinary artist Christian Castañeda, "Xian Of The Death", projects the vision of alternate realities that combine occultism and metaphysics, to illustrate the latest installment of Gucci. Inspired by the archives of the Italian brand, the Sylvie 1969 bag redesigns its original archetype transforming it into the new contemporary emblem of the house.

ILLUSTRATION Christian Castañeda

1588929328493780 bolsa gucci 1
1588929329084324 bolsa gucci 2

The piece enhances its elegance and versatility with its narrow chain-shaped clasp, whose aesthetic functionality is complemented by an adjustment mechanism that allows it to be converted from a shoulder bag to a crossbody.

1588929329837205 bolsa gucci 3
1588929330439594 bolsa gucci 4

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