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Beyoncé's daughter has personal shopper and personal stylist

At 6 years, Blue Ivy Carter is a true fashionista, with personal shopper and personal stylist. See the best looks of Beyoncé and Jay-Z daughter.

At 6, Blue Ivy Carter is not like thr most girls of same age. Heiress of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the girl has a wardrobe to make envy many people.

According to WWD, Blue has a personal shopper and a personal stylist. The professional is called Manuel A. Mendez. He is collaborator of Bey since 2009 and employee of Parkwood Entertainment (company founded by the artist).

The stylist is responsible for some of Bey's iconic looks, such as the white suit that Blue used at this year's Grammy Awards.

See below the best looks:



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