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A Crazy Rich Shopping Guide Inspired by Crazy Rich Asians

Even though it's fiction, it doesn't mean you can't dress like one of the characters!
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Crazy Rich Asians is in short, one of 2018’s most influential films regarding race, along with Black Panther. Not only is it the first movie since the Joy Luck Club to feature an all-Asian cast, but it’s also celebrated the careers of multiple talented actors like Henry Golding and Constance Wu while showcasing the complexity of Asian American and Asian relations. But best of all, the film has proven to be a commercial success, generating a total of $117 million — a record that was previously held by Halloween in 2007.

Growing up in a Chinese immigrant household, I never imaged a day where somebody with my facial features would be on the silver screen. Not to say that East Asians have never been in Hollywood, but when they have, the role’s rarely been a positive one. (South East Asians haven’t had much luck either.) Just to name a few:

The racist caricature of a Japanese man in Breakfast at Tiffanys portrayed by Mickey Rooney in yellow face. Then there’s the infamous prostitute scene in Full Metal Jacket. Or we can look into more contemporary films like The Hangover, where for some reason, a naked Asian man jumps out of a trunk. All of this combined with Miss Swan from MadTVApu from The Simpsons, Bobby Lee’s various characters - it’s clear that being Asian in Hollywood was never positive. Either we’re the butt of the joke, sex-obsessed exotic oriental mysteries, or a side character to be used and abused.

Until now.

With the success of Crazy Rich Asians, it marks the beginning of a new generation in film where inclusivity is finally profitable. And while many have celebrated in various ways, here at L’Officiel we’re approaching it how we know best — through fashion. Whether you’re looking to have an über-luxe Astrid moment or channel your inner Rachel, we've got you covered. And with the various fashion weeks coming up, everyone can use a little inspiration!

Let's say you’re jumping from work to a party, but don’t have time to go home and change. In moments like these, versatility is everything. This red crepe de chine dress has a length that’s not too flashy, but still flirty enough for a night out. The red adds amazing texture, while the pussy bow lets you be politically cheeky as well. Pair it with these geometric earrings and some navy pumps to really nail that metropolitan glam aesthetic.


Maybe you’re looking to add a statement piece for special occasions. If you’re feeling darling, this pleated white fantasy will do the trick. Pair with some matching flats and simple earrings to keep the attention on the dress. Classy, but still a statement nonetheless. 


If you’re feeling more floral, these beige and red gowns will guarantee you endless Instagram likes.


Finally for those of us who value comfort over everything else, here are some suggestions. While the weather’s still warm, these silk shorts will upgrade any outfit. Pair it with this multi-colored sweatshirt for some warmth, along with some red loafers, and you’ll look fabulous no matter where you’re off to.



Of course, the success of Crazy Rich Asians isn’t just due to its wardrobe curation or visual aesthetics. Rather, it’s the voice of authenticity are what made it the blockbuster it is. Since the film’s release, a sequel has already been confirmed, to the excitement of many. And while the road to equal representation will take time, we can at least channel our excitement through shopping while we wait.

We know Astrid and Rachel would.



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