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Chanel's Desert Dream

For the Spring Summer make-up by Chanel, a palette of quartz, cold browns and mauve undertones, Lucia Pica was inspired by the colors of Namibia
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At the origin of each Chanel makeup collection, imagined by Lucia Pica, there is a place, a journey. For the S / S 2020 the brand's Global Creative Make up & Color Designer has chosen the Namibian desert .

«I like to put myself in the situation of not knowing what I'm going to find. I had read an article about a woman who had crossed the Moroccan desert on foot. I thought I would find a palette in terracotta tones. Instead the thing that struck me while flying over the landscape was a sense of monochrome, the extreme romanticism of the places, the idea of solitude. I didn't want to upset these impressions by fixing them in images at National Geographic, I liked the idea of translating them into a series of Polaroids, which could have been forgotten in a drawer».

Impressions filtered by the dream, from a poetic memory in which dunes, cave paintings and landscapes merge into a dominant color, a mix of quartz, cold browns, mauve undertones.

«All the textures are superimposable, all the colors are toned down, everything is built on the contrast between bright and mat. It is an easy trick to apply, to blend, error-proof» .

Starting from Golden Light, the third Baume Essentiel, after the previous transparent and silver: Lucia Pica applies it with the brush for a natural effect. A veil of Éclat du Désert iridescent powder all over the face, the metallic reflection of Ombre Première Laque (five in all, with outstanding shades like Quartz Rose, a peach with mauve reflections, and Vastness, between brown and purple) to emphasize the look, unless you prefer the blur effect of Les 4 Ombres Warm Memories. And then the lips, lit by the warm old pink of Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême Endless, and the contemporary chic of "cold" glazes, such as Le Vernis Daydream and Mirage.

«In this collection, beige also has a mauve undertone, to keep it edgy. Because Mademoiselle Chanel's legacy is not a look, but her convinced and rebellious mentality ».


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