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Dior Cruise 2020 Campaign

Dior unveils its Cruise 2020 campaign, a tribute to diversity and savoir-faire. Through her multicultural encounters, Maria Grazia celebrates fashion as a unique network, inspired by countless places and times that have brought a new vision.
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In a photoshoot by photographer Brigitte Niedermair, the creations of Dior reveal all their magnetic essence. Worn by models Ruth Bell, Adesuwa Aighewi, and Ana Barbosa, they also are an ode to femininity. With refined and monochrome staging, each shot blossoms into a painting illuminated by the silhouettes’ hypnotic beauty. This collection tells, through traditions and cultures, to what extent techniques, gestures, and images belong to collective memory, a shared heritage. It has also been enriched and animated with a journey across the African continent through various creative collaborations initiated by Maria Grazia Chiuri.

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Camouflage motifs, wax – the fabric of diversity and freedom – lace, cashmere jacquard, mottled jacquard, silk, shantung, or embroideries in shades of sand, indigo blue or burnt red ochre, are combined with poetry, and bodies seem to merge with the décor. Revealing the strength of nature embodied in the tree of life - the baobab tree, a symbol of eternity - these designs showcase a common territory that is open to all possibilities.


The Maison’s emblem, le Bar suit, reinvented in a unique Christian Dior Uniwax edition – serves as an example of the union between Dior and Africa. Delicate reversible bob hats, notably clad in the iconic Dior Oblique canvas, complete this contemporary grace while the 30 Montaigne bag is boldly displayed behind a denim suit.

1574092388262201 dior cruise 2020 packshots 30 montaign bag1574092388559718 dior cruise 2020 packshots saddle
1574092388938368 dior cruise 2020 lady dior l e toile packshots 1574092389400463 dior cruise 2020 packshots saddle white

Brigitte Niedermair’s unique look makes the eternal and astonishing modernity of Dior shine more brightly than ever before.

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