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Dior Mini Bags: new cult bag models in micro version

Dior launches new cult bag models in micro version in June

They come with the fancy names "Mini Dior Book Tote Bag", "Small Diortravel Vanity Case" or "Dior Saddle Mini Clutch" and make the hearts of bag fans beat faster. We have already seen the trend of the "second bag" in "Sex and the City 2" when Carrie Bradshaw combined a large bag with a small one. Especially small items, like lipsticks or a smartphone, are easier to access this way.

New Mini models from June 2021

Dior will add more minis to the range from June 23, 2021. Available in black, red, and latte as well as other sunny colors such as sky blue, mint, tundra green or rose de vents, the micro-bags "Dior Caro Mini" and "Lady Dior Mini" will be launched. The Lady Dior will be available for the first time in a version with pearls. 

Dior Mini Bags


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