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Discover the New Collection from Rituals

Rituals, a brand known for its fragrance sticks, has launched a new collection. The Private Collection is inspired by flowers and comes in three different variants.
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Who doesn't like scented sticks and candles? They give any interior a warm touch, for both eyes and nose. And, as it is getting colder, they become more and more appealing ... Rituals offers scents like Imperial Rose, Sweet Jasmin, and Orris Mimosa. The collection has been designed in stylish white, black, and gold-colored shades, and the line consists of fragrance sticks, perfume spray, scented candles, hand soap, and hand cream. In addition to the standard size, there is now also a smaller version of the fragrance sticks, the luxury mini fragrance sticks.


Wild Fig Perfume d'Interieur, € 29.50.

Orris Mimosa Fragrance Sticks, € 44.50.

Oriental Vetiver Scented Candle, € 29.90.

Precious Amber Mini Fragrance Sticks, € 19.50.

The luxury collection is a perfect option for those looking for a gift for the approaching holidays: for your mum, dad, sister, partner, or just yourself. Do you want to discover even more fragrances? These are our favorite perfumes for the autumn season.

You can shop the full collection of Rituals here.


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