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Discover the Savoir-Faire of Fendi's Peekabo Bag

Italian fashion house Fendi reveals the savoir-faire of the iconic Peekaboo bags in a story that fuses traditions with modern technology.

Fendi illustrates a contemporary story: the fusion of the craftsmanship of Italian leatherworkers with modern technology, which results in Peekaboo bags for women and men. With every detail honoured, the Italian fashion house reveals the manufacturing techniques of the bags: laser-cut, interlace and intarsio.


Committed to design and craftsmanship, Fendi presents the Peekaboo X-Lite for men, made with the laser-cut technique, the Peekaboo for men where selleria fabric is combined with the intarsio technique, and the Peekaboo for women - in their versions mini and large - made using the interlace technique.

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