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Editorial: In Love With Fashion by Svenja Ava

Photographer Svenja Ava flexes her fashion muscles in her latest editorial. Femininity and strength, classics and trends - combinations that are well worth seeing.
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Simplicity - focus on the essentials - let fashion speak for itself: "The personal motivation and challenge for this editorial were to get involved with a completely clean setting with flat lighting in order to focus exclusively on the fashion and model Neneh Sonko," says photographer Svenja Ava. 

Nothing should distract from the unique cuts, shapes, and details of the current collections. Selected pieces from Prada, Maison Margiela, Acne Studios, and Co. form an editorial of classic black and white combinations and current pastel trends. The guideline "less is more" is equally reflected in the styling and posing. Neneh Sonko is perfect for the strong pieces with her self-confident and glamorous manner and gives the line a very special expression.

1626209447036540 model neneh sonko
Skirt: Paco Rabanne, Body: Maison Margiela
1626209447303950 neneh sonko1626209447522801 neneh sonko 2
1626209447767212 svenja ava 10
Total Look: Maison Margiela, Ring: Chopard
1626209448003439 svenja ava 51626209448259567 svenja ava 7
Dress: Rotate Birger Christensen, Earrings: Vedovka
1626209448467074 svenja ava 3
Earrings: Peet Dullaert, Ring: Chloé
1626209448682149 svenja ava 2
Earrings: Dior, Blouse: Acne Studios, Skirt: Acne Studios
1626209448942552 svenja ava 131626209449172625 svenja ava 14
Blazer: Maje, Shoes: Prada
1626209449370545 svenja ava 3 21626209449593346 svenja ava model neneh sonko
Coset: Lion Dee, Skirt: Prada, Necklace: Zimmermann



Model – Neneh Sonko | @neneh_sonko

Photographer – Svenja Ava | @svenja.ava

Stylist – Zhenya Tarasova | @anotherstylist

Hair & Make-up – Sarah Boubekr | @sarahbuo

Retouch – Mareike Keicher | @mareikekeicher

Production – ava studios | @ava___studios

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