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Elemental by Romina Cardillo

The designer presents her new line of basics for life inside and outside the home.
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Elemental is the new capsule from Nous Etudions, which proposes essential garments for today's dynamics. "I began to experience the coronavirus pandemic and realized the things I was needing for day to day," says Romina Cardillo .

The line consists of divers in different chocks and lengths, round neck shirts, t-shirts, pants and a trench designed for life abroad: “It is made of a super comfortable material. You can carry it inside your bag, to cover your body when you go out and protect the clothes you wear underneath ”.

The color palette is defined by neutrals, such as melange gray, white and black, and accents in shades of orange and pink. The textiles are from Texcom, an Argentine manufacturing company that "works with sustainable processes, saving energy and dyes that are not toxic to the body," says Cardillo.

The pieces can be ordered through the brand's e-commerce . “We do not work with stock to avoid generating any type of waste. We do not believe in the model of liquidating a product.” All of them are embroidered with a small “e” with a tilde, the collection's logo. In addition, on your site you can find out who was involved in the creation process. “We are going to count, for example, who is Domingo, the person who makes and embroiders; that is also part of beginning to include those who work with us in a visible way,” says Cardillo.


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