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Emerging Talents Milan 2019/2020

Guests of the Emerging Talents Milan fashion show experienced the looks of fashion designers from Latvia, Russia, Dubai and Kuwait.
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RasenA is an exciting new brand with their head office and production in Perm, Russia. Their aim is to combine modern fashion trends with an endless variety of Russian culture. Their collection is presented at RasenA Concept Store Perm, at the Win Way Sochi, at Tariel Bisharian Milan, Moscow, Paris. Creative director Yulia Suntseva fills each collection with love for Slavic styles, nature and, in general, for the celebration of this rich culture in the world. The collection autumn-winter 2019-20 is inspired by the Sun, and its gifts of material and spiritual energy. Women are celebrated in the collection as an integral part of the universe and the center of the family; like the Sun they radiate heat, light and life.

1554900933929048 rasena 011554900934042765 rasena 02
1554900934028669 rasena 031554900934059031 rasena 04
1554900934153545 rasena 05
1554900941652295 rasena 061554900941689210 rasena 07
1554900941787306 rasena 081554900941816522 rasena 09
Public Makes Image

PMI by Liene Grinberga is an Urban-Glamour streetwear brand for men and women. The new FW20 collection is dedicated to authenticity in the digital age, it's about freedom of word and thinking, shown in free style dynamic fashion. All the drawings, images, patches and shapes printed on the outfits are made by the designer's paintbrush as an authentic representation of symbolism inspired by graffiti and streetart from the middle of the last century through 90s and 2000s. The collection explains the importance of both the printed forms, the strong personal bonds and in-the-flesh communications between art world figures that existed at a time before the internet was a part of people’s daily life. PMI wearers look for a unique look, not afraid to experiment and appreciate good quality and comfort.

1554901050631840 pmi 011554901050700646 pmi 02
1554901050759778 pmi 031554901050854601 pmi 04
1554901050915075 pmi 05
1554901063079793 pmi 061554901063161605 pmi 07
1554901063225389 pmi 081554901063314695 pmi 09
1554901068875596 pmi 101554901068988520 pmi 11
1554901069073254 pmi 12

Modest fashions are one of the most important apparel trends of recent years, designed for women on all continents. However clothes with simple shapes are also some the most difficult ones to design! The traditionally inspired dresses in this collection have away to retain their classic beauty with bits embroidery, silky details, and decorative bands that make a significant difference to support the forms required of today’s modest outfits that yet manage to be very stylish and attractive.

1554901152578304 wasafa 011554901152671670 wasafa 02
1554901152786936 wasafa 03
1554901157072313 wasafa 041554901157186040 wasafa 05
1554901157292264 wasafa 06
Apple Wang

There is nothing quite like feel of "Apple Wang" Haute Couture from Dubai. Their couture modern style Abayas is crafted by a time honored process in their own workshop in United Arab Emirates. The essence of the collection, "Perfection, Splendor and Elegance”, was decided from the very beginning, with full length sleeves and dresses, and acting as a black canvas, the entire vocabulary of haute couture textures, fabrics and adornments available to Apple Wang to express here motions.

1554901230387327 apple wang 011554901230402676 apple wang 02
1554901230471307 apple wang 031554901230602118 apple wang 04
1554901230612590 apple wang 05
1554901236314644 apple wang 061554901236430306 apple wang 07
1554901236531052 apple wang 081554901236676612 apple wang 09
1554901236780817 apple wang 10

Artistic Director Irina Chernyak

PR Director Russ Ev

Commercial Director Tariel Bisharyan

Head of Make Up & Hair Serena Alaimo

Make Up & Hair Assisting Team 360BBACK



Photos: @amicoalessandro, Giovanni Occhipinti @thefashionspotter

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