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Estonian Fashion Festival 2021 is welcoming fashion designers of the next decade

The Estonian Fashion Festival 2021 Designers’ Contest is officially open and welcomes applicants from all over Estonia, the Baltic and Nordic region. For the fourth consecutive year, the festival gathers three distinctive fashion shows - Mood-Performance-Tants, OmaMood and Antonius Fashion Show, into a 3-day event celebrating young fashion design.
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Estonian Fashion Festival 2021 (Eff 2021) is taking place on June 9-11 in Tartu, the student capital of Estonia. All fashion designers that have produced at least one, but not more than ten fashion or accessories collections are welcome to apply.

The biggest fashion event of the year, organised in cooperation with the Tartu Centre for Creative Industries, University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy and Pallas University of Applied Sciences, welcomes design students and freelance designers from all over Estonia and neighbouring countries to take part in the Designers’ Contest. Similarly to the groundbreaking year of 2020, the event will be held in a live stream format, with some limited invitee lists to journalists and buyers.

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OmaMood 2020, Photo by Sadu-Triste Juurikas
"This kind of experience is very important for a young designer, offering a lot of contacts, media coverage and visual material to share in my portfolio"

Even though Eff's goal is to provide a platform for all aspiring fashion designers to be able to present their creations on the big stage, a winner is also selected each year who is given the opportunity to participate in an international competition abroad. The 2020 Eff winner Annika Kiidron-Roomets's unique collection of embroidered menswear, achieved the 1st place at the prestigious Premiere Vision-Paris NextGen competition in Paris. These wins have already brought the designer offers from Hollywood and fashion buyers. The Estonian Fashion Festival helped to provide Annika with a video and marketing materials, which are crucial in today’s competitive world.

“The 2020 Fashion-Performance-Tants fashion show gave an unforgettable experience through the creation of a so-called fashion film, which was created in cooperation with an extremely professional team. This kind of experience is very important for a young designer, offering a lot of contacts, media coverage and visual material to share in my portfolio,” said designer Annika Kiidron from the experience.

"It is wonderful to see how Eff enables young fashion designers to stand out and get closer to customers, also outside of the capital, and adding some spice to Tartu's academic educational landscape," said Helen Kalberg, the Marketing Manager of the City of Tartu. "Tartu has strong art schools, creative hubs and an active fashion community, which undoubtedly deserve wider recognition, which Eff 2021 and the accompanying events offer perfectly," she added.

The applicants are welcome to send their submissions to:

Mood-Performance-Tants (MPT) fashion show (June 9, 2021 ), which already for 20 years has stood out with its artsy show that combines fashion design, art, dance and music into one visual experience.

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Mood-Performance-Tants 2020, Photo by Maria Kilk

OmaMood fashion show (June 10, 2021), which for the first time also welcomes designers from other countries to cultivate their ethnic design. The aim of the fashion show is to present the values of traditional handicrafts to the consumer in a modern way. For OmaMood, designers who have created more than 10 collections are also welcome to apply.

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OmaMood 2020, Photo by Sadu-Triste Juurikas

Antonius Fashion Show (June 11, 2021), which this year also showcases a showroom of the works from the participating designers. A very limited number of journalists, buyers and experts will receive an invite for the showroom.

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Antonius Fashion Show 2020, Photo by Sadu-Triste Juurikas

The Designer’s Contest is open at

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