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Everything you need to know about buying vintage bags

The art of letting go. From the hand of Troquer, the Mexican brand of second-hand luxury goods, we discover the secrets to find the best accessories.
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There is something magical about purchasing a vintage item. If those objects full of history could speak, the things that they would tell us ... That is the charm of buying used items that weave together the wishes of so many people in the same piece. And it is that knowing how to enjoy things while we have them, but also learning when it is better to let them go, applies not only in fashion, but in life.

Troquer was born in 2013, thanks to a group of friends who had the desire to share those jewels stored in their closets, to always have something new to release. That dream has now become a platform for people who buy, sell and exchange luxury items in perfect condition, promoting responsible consumption and a cyclical economy.

Here, we reveal the benefits of buying second-hand luxury bags.

"Inspire a sustainable life by revolutionizing the way we consume fashion", Troquer

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Images courtesy of Troquer

L'OFFICIEL : what are the benefits of buying a second-hand designer object?

TROQUER : you think about the planet: It is known that fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. By buying second-hand parts, you are reusing parts that already exist and therefore prevent more from being produced. In a nutshell : you can constantly renew yourself, without guilt. In addition, buying a second hand designer generates less impulse, it is a more thoughtful and careful purchase. Other important aspects are valued such as workmanship, detail, well done; and therefore you consume better. And finally, it is a great investment. Who said that the pieces you bought second hand are for life? You can also resell them.

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Images courtesy of Troquer

LO : How have you managed to capture the attention of the Mexican market towards vintage ?

T : through constant awareness-raising work in Mexico. We started 7 years ago and we had two big obstacles. The first was to convince men and women to buy designer pieces online , and the second was that they wanted to buy second hand. We didn't have it easy at all, so we opted for a strategy that generated a lot of engagement and above all trust, influencer marketing; through the closets of well-known people and Mexican fashionistas. The other strategy was to have a platform that was attractive to all the public. Back then, most of the pages had buttons all over the place that were blinking, we decided to align ourselves with a more editorial aesthetic.

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Images courtesy of Troquer

LO : how is the process to know if the bags are authentic?

T : the curatorship and editorial area are responsible for the authenticity of the pieces. Each analyst must validate that each of the articles is genuine, how? With constant learning, internal manuals and training the eye; making it sensitive to materials, textures, odors. Also many premium brands have codes, which are translated into their models and countries of manufacture. These should match, for example, that the labels are well cooked, fonts, seams and stitching.

LO :   What does the selection of objects you sell on your page depend on?

T : It depends on several factors: first that they have little use, also that they are brands that we can sell for more than $ 1000 pesos, and also, that they are "salable", this may sound very subjective, especially if it has to do with the perception of an individual, but there are some pieces that sell themselves.

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Images courtesy of Troquer

LO : what kind of brands keep their value intact despite being second-hand?

T : the pieces that are limited editions. There are some vintage pieces that go by over the years and cost more, or maintain a price similar to what was bought at the time, which represents a great investment for those who are selling it. The most common brands that lose less or maintain their value are the luxury brands, among them: Hermés , Chanel , Louis Vuitton (as more constant brands). Then there are luxury brands that become popular momentarily, and you have to be aware of their increase in value. We started with Gucci when Alessandro Michelle came in , Dior with the saddlebag as the quintessential fashion piece, which became popular again in the market, Fendi with its baguette, and now, Bottega Veneta is at the top.

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Images courtesy of Troquer

LO : What creative strategies have you adopted to reach your customers despite the confinement?

T : for any pandemic there are three essential antidotes: The first, a strong culture: we reinforce our values, we align the team to them, this reflects trust and congruence in our communication. Then, give strength to the sustainable theme: Consumption has become much more conscious, and fashion is no exception. When it comes to circular economy, Troquer is the leader. Finally, keep innovating, adapt to change and do not give up, looking for new ways to always be at the forefront.

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