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Exclusive Interview with Chiara Ferragni

We met Chiara Ferragni at the #CalzedoniaLegShow Parade in Verona for an exclusive interview.
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Expectations were very high for the second edition of Calzedonia's LegShow, which took place in Verona, Italy. The parade, which coincided with the sixtieth anniversary of the invention of tights, celebrated this piece not as an accessory, but as a true star of the women's wardrobe.

The main guest of the show was Chiara Ferragni, ambassador of the brand for several seasons. The businesswoman and influencer spoke sincerely to L'Officiel.

Regarding her new documentary, launched at the last Venice Film Festival, Chiara commented on her initial fear of letting someone else tell the story of her own life.

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(Photo: Chiara Ferragni)

Regarding motherhood, the influencer confessed: life has changed a lot after Leo. Chiara cannot live life as lightly as before, and she tries to maintain a balance between professional commitments and her family life. To her surprise, Leo has made her even more organised than before!

Which was the first red carpet for Chiara? At the Cannes Film Festival 2011, which is one of Chiara's most precious memories of her debut as a social media star. Invited by designer Alberta Ferretti, Chiara wore a dress that she remembers as a magical creation.

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(Photo: Chiara Ferragni)

Chiara shared her vision of the social networking world, which has changed a lot, as it is becoming more present in our lives. In her opinion, the more loyal and real a person's profile is, the more people will feel closer to you.
As for the future, Chiara dreams of joy and success, while admitting that she hopes to have a big family by her side, like an authentic Italian!

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(Photo: Chiara Ferragni)
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(Photo: Chiara Ferragni)

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