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Famous for her controversial looks in the 90s, Elizabeth Hurley revives bold production

Powerful! Known for her bold looks, actress and model Elizabeth Hurley is taking advantage of the quarantine to make a real throwback on her Instagram account.
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This time, she revived a bold production she used in 1999 for a CFDA event, the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The extravagant and sensual Versace dress has a long slit and a neckline typical of the 90s. How can we not love it?

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(Foto: Getty Images)

Where, during the quarantine, such a powerful piece can be used? Lying in bed, of course! In the image caption Hurley says “just enjoying the house, watching TV” and adds: “wearing a Versace dress that I wore 21 years ago”. But in the photo we can see an even more special touch to the piece, it looks shorter! The dress that was once long turned into a mini dress, chic!








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