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GEORGES HOBEIKA’s Autumn / Winter 2019-20 Haute Couture

Guided by a profound love of fauna and flora, Maison GEORGES HOBEIKA’s Autumn / Winter 2019-20 Haute Couture collection pays tribute to flamboyantly colored feathers of the bird of paradise.
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The heavenly rhythm of this aerial love parade really shows off the silhouette of the gowns, their delicate embroidery and the silky reflections of plumage. There is a charming echo in the sensual curves of the radiant corollas dotted with embroidery. The floating feathers punctuate the shoulders or bust to accentuate the elegance of the winged creatures. Finally, the sumptuous pleats of delicate fabrics resemble wings wide spread. Exquisite patterns remind us of flowers and how masterful nature truly is.


The patterns have a subtle transparency that reinforces the colours of the gowns which seem to capture the power of the sun, the supernatural reflections of a purple night, or the tender energy of twilight. Masks embroidered with multicolored crystals, shoes decorated with blooming silk organza flowers, and unique bags accentuated with painted feathers are just some of the ways that nature's miracles have been captured in this collection.. As always, it also highlights the craftsmanship of haute couture, as its designs exalt the magic of flight, the universal joy of dance, and the power of freedom.


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