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Giant Bags Are Taking Over the Streets

Who would have thought that everyday handbags would outgrow suitcases?

Welcome to the Giant Handbags Club! Chanel's Classic 2.55, Balenciaga's Sharp, Jacquemus' Baci, Hermes' Kelly, and many more of the most popular fashion house handbags have suddenly started to grow into the true giants. To entertain the fashion world, a graphic designer from Milan has created an Instagram account called @thebigbagclub. On his page, he shares the magnificent handbags captured in street style photos. Interestingly, you will always find the original handbag size in the second photo. It seems like such a simple idea, but @thebigbagclub already has over 20k followers.


Want to know what handbag models are the most fashionable today? Well, then it's definitely worth joining the @thebigbagclub club!

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