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Gigi Hadid Is Sued for A Post on Instagram

Understand the controversy.
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Gigi Hadid has just become involved in a copyright lawsuit concerning a photo she posted on her Instagram account. A New York federal judge accepted Hadid's motion to reject the action of Xclusive-Lee Inc. The New York firm claims to have copyrighted the photo taken in October when the model was coming out of a building.

Judge Pamela Chen ruled that the copyright claim for direct infringement fails since Xclusive had not demonstrated that it received a US Copyright Department record when they filed the suit against Hadid. Even Xclusive acknowledged that it had only applied the copyrights when the company filed the lawsuit, Chen noted. The discovery depended on the US Supreme Court ruling in March in a case about exactly when a copyright registration comes into effect. The High Court had ruled in the Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v. LLC et al. that the record will take effect when the Copyright Office grants the registration.


The ruling does not necessarily prevent Xclusive from bringing the suit against Hadid in the future. The company's lawyer even said it plans to do so when the Copyright Office grants the registration for the photo.

Her lawyers argued that a lawsuit seeking monetary damages from Hadid for posting her photo was an escalation of the paparazzi threat. Xclusive said Hadid is a brand and a model worth $ 20 million and claimed that she does not always own the intellectual property of the photos that she publishes herself. His Instagram account had more than 43 million followers at the time the lawsuit was filed. Hadid's lawyer did not immediately comment on the decision.







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