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Givenchy: Antigona

THE NEW ANTIGONA AS REVISITED BY MATTHEW M. WILLIAMS Inspired by the heroine of Greek mythology, the now-classic Antigona, which debuted for Fall Winter 2010, reinterpreted the renowned Boston shape and quickly became a House signature.
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In revisiting Givenchy’s iconic Antigona, Creative Director Matthew M. Williams drew on the bag’s heritage, subtly infusing its shape with a more contemporary attitude. As a personal signature, he embellished its distinctive architecture with his new House symbol — an oversized, silver-finish padlock engraved with the 4G emblem — that was inspired by the “love locks” adorning the bridges of Paris.

Crafted from the highest quality box calfskin, the new Antigona accentuates the bag’s sophisticated, geometric volumes with more generous proportions and a larger version of its emblematic triangle patch.

In a nod to the House’s dual character, two signatures mirror each other on either side of the bag: a discreet 4G embossed in front finds an echo in GIVENCHY lettering on the back. Featuring elongated, asymmetrical shanks, the 4G padlock invites wearers to express their creativity by adding one or several styles of Givenchy padlock to the mix.


Explore the timeless modern style of Antigona and Antigona soft, available now ONLINE and IN-STORE.


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