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Givenchy's Eden On Earth

Wear and accessorise it to your taste, the Maison's new statement bag is your fall must-have.
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First seen on Givenchy's runway for FW19-20, the Eden bag is the Maison's latest addition to their statement bag collection. Designed with versatility in mind, and in the spirit of a lush paradise, Artistic Director Claire Waight Keller celebrates this collection through various interpretations using bold graphics, fluid lines and exotic finishes. 

In a feat of leather-working savoir-faire, the Eden brings soft, silky skins together with crisp, geometric lines, resulting in a chic, everyday bag that boasts practical functionality held together by smart construction.

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The Eden is available in both medium and small sizes, to suit your every need- transitioning effortlessly from office professional to post-work drinks chic. The medium style allows for personalisation, with a choice of removable and interchangeable straps in leather-embellished with lozenges or crocodile embossing. The Maison is also looking to revisit this strap feature in future collections, so collectors will definitely have more options for customization, to suit whichever look they are going for. 

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A Nano belt bag and a mini bag are also available within the collection, all in line with the Eden collection's theme of stylish versatility. There will also be an array of miniature leather accessories, consisting of round, accordion or zipped card cases with leather straps- all meant to be worn as a pendant or around the wrist. 

Finishes for the collection range from deep black leather to teal velvet, russet ostrich, crocodile-embossed finish and emerald green python. 

Check out the collection below:

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