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Gucci Makes Carbon-Neutral Moves

Gucci makes an effort to help the environment.
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The Fashion Pact designates high fashion and fast fashion brands to carry out changes that would minimise their impact on the environment. Gucci has been making an effort to reduce and eliminate the enormous carbon footprint of the fashion industry for some time. Now, as a part of the Fashion Pact, the brand is planning to become carbon-neutral.

Gucci chairman Marco Bizzarri explains the plan: "The invitations of the fashion show will be produced from 100% recycled paper certified by Forest Management Council. Travel emissions will be reduced to zero, and the wood used for the fashion show will be recycled, and no new trees will be cut down."

With all these moves, Gucci is the first brand participating in Milan Fashion Week to make such changes. Gucci was awarded the ISO 20121 certificate by the International Organization for Standardization for its carbon-neutral efforts and became the first fashion brand to receive this certificate. However, it doesn't stop there. By the end of September, greenhouse gas emissions from third-party raw material suppliers for Gucci will be altered.


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