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Here is the list of 54 tattoos by Zoë Kravitz

Here is the list of 54 visible tattoos that adorn the body of Zoë Kravitz.
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1. an anchor on the biceps
2. an eye on the forearm
3. a feather on the forearm
4. an inscription on the wrist
5. an inscription on a finger
6. a star on a finger
7. a name on the elbow
8. an inscription on the forearm
9. an encrypted cross on the wrist
10. Initials on the wrist
11. a heart on the wrist
12. a crown on a finger
13. an Arabic inscription on the scapula
14. a bird on the neck
15. a skull and crossbones on the ankle
16. an arrow on a finger
17. a heart on a finger
18. an inscription on the knee
19. skull and crossbones on the calf
20. dots and a moon on a finger
21. a circle on the forearm
22. dots and a triangle on the forearm 23. a group of birds on his chest
24. a name on the wrist
25. an inscription on the flank
26. a square on a finger
27. a moon on the upper arm 28. a dove on the belly
29. hair on the biceps
30. an audio K7 on the forearm
31. a hand of Fatma on the forearm
32. an arrow on the forearm
33. an aum on the back of the hand
34. a French word on the forearm
35. a mermaid on the forearm
36. a point on the wrist
37. an inscription on the forearm
38. an eagle circled on the forearm
39. scribbles on a finger
40. a star on the forearm
41. a palm tree with an inscription on the forearm
42. a marijuana leaf on the back of the hand
43. a cross on the shoulder
44. an ampersand (&) behind the ear
45. "Mississippi" on the upper arm
46. Initials on the elbow
47. a chevron on the wrist
48. "sweet kid" on the forearm
49. a marijuana leaf and a hand on the forearm
50. a snake on the forearm
51. a sun wheel on the wrist
52. points on the elbow 53. "11-16-67" (date of birth of mama Lisa) on the hand 54 . a cross and dots on the palm


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