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Hermès Explores The History of Their Silk Scarves at Club Carré

Immerse yourself in one of fashion's most iconic accessory yet - the Hermès scarf!
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Established in 1837, Hermès went from a humble workshop in Paris to become one of the world’s most influential luxury ateliers. And though many first associates the company with their elusive Birkin and Kelly bags, there’s one item that truly speaks to their artistic pursuit: the carré, the silk scarf.

Celebrating the history and artistic pursuits of the accessory, Hermes has established the Club Carré experience in Manhattan’s Highline area. The brainchild of artistic director Bali Barret, the retail-meets-art installation allows for both longtime loyalists and first-time shoppers to immerse themselves in nearly two hundred years of luxurious exploration.

Having visited the space last evening for the launch, I have to say it lives up to the hype. Located inside a dual-layered studio, there are spaces for all visitors to enjoy. If you’re in the area and don’t feel like popping int Chelsea Market, try the Carré Cafe. Serving up classics like the club sandwich and coffee, you won’t get to dine here again. (Unless you happen to be in Los Angeles, Toronto, Milan, and Singapore afterward.)

Or maybe you’re more interested in craftsmanship—they’ve got you covered too. Called the Carré Studio, watch a variety of artists and installations that detail how each and every scarf is crafted, from design to sketching. You can also venture into the Carré stories section, where auditory notes inform participants on insider-only notes about the design.

While there is also a karaoke spot on-location, as well as a spot where you can receive a membership card, the real fun is a miniature pop-up shop. Stocked with limited-edition scarves only available at Club Carré, it’s a shop you must visit.

Seeing that fashion week in New York is coming to an end, wrap up the biannual phenomenon by visiting a brand that’s been a pillar of fashion influence. Visitors can visit the gallery at 459 West 14th Street, New York, NY. As for Los Angeles residents, look forward to the downtown event in November. Scroll below for a peek at the event!




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