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How can the color you wear influence your mood?

Discover the feeling that each shade can bring, and use colors to lift up your mood.
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Warm and fun tones, with cool and calming pieces: fashion can be an excellent ally to improve everyone's mood. Discover the sensations that each shade can bring to your daily life.


Yellow is the perfect color for those who want animation. In addition to being dynamic and warm, it brings a feeling of joy.

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The color of the sky and the sea is one of the most serene shades. Blue is capable of transmitting a feeling of peace and balance, in addition to comfort and security.

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Intense and powerful, red brings a feeling of bravery, which can give you greater motivation. It also represents passion.

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The color of hope can bring a true feeling of peace and balance, by referring directly to nature.

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Synonymous with pleasure, orange is one of those colors that always enhance the surrounding atmosphere, increasing the positivity, creativity and liveliness of those who use it.

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The color purple is commonly associated with creativity and brings a real dip in originality and insight. This shade is perfect for those times when we want to activate our imagination.

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The tone, generally associated with feelings, is highlighted by its ability to evoke empathetic and affectionate emotions.

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