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How to Organise a Sustainable Wedding?

The proposal season is coming up, and the first wedding plans will be made soon, locations will be booked, and dresses will be ordered — all that fuss for that one day.
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Quite a shame and certainly not sustainable.

How to organise a wedding that is respectful towards the environment? We asked this designer Tess van Zalinge, whose exhibition of upcycled vintage wedding dresses is currently displayed in Fashion for Good, made together with wedding planner Lotte Grossman.

Why do you cycle vintage wedding dresses?

 I closed the show of my previous collection Monday Wash Day with a wedding dress inspired look, not the typical wedding dress, but one with many lingerie references and transparent layers. As a result, I started thinking about the bridal industry that has a strong one-day-only idea and wondered what is being done in terms of sustainability. By means of upcycling wedding dresses and everything that remains from a wedding, I wanted to show that the products can have a longer life, even after your wedding day. In collaboration with Laura Dols, about 30 to 40 antique and used wedding dresses have been selected, completely dismantled, and returned to the material. Together with remaining table linen and wedding bouquets, these became the building blocks of this collection, called Fifteen.

What is - in general - the most polluting aspect of marriages?

 A lot nowadays, because everything is permitted for this special day. From the food, the decor, the wedding dress to the flowers. Unfortunately, there is no further thought than the day itself.

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What are easy life hacks to make your wedding day greener?

You can do so much more with just your dress! For example: adapting your mother's dress to your own wishes, so it is not only a sustainable but also a dear choice. Another option is to choose a wedding dress that you can also wear on other occasions. Also beautiful: dried flowers!

Where can we admire your work?

The collection can be seen in the Fashion for Good museum until 6 December, and you can also find us online at @tesswithlotte, @tessvanzalinge, or @withlotte.

Make sure to go to the Fashion for Good museum for a dose of wedding inspiration!

Even if you don't have any wedding plans, the extremely innovative museum, where the goodness of fashion is exhibited, is worth a visit. Indeed, if you want to delve into sustainability and the future of fashion. The exhibition tesswithlotte is part of the current REBORN.


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